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The Facts About Sound Proof Painting

Environmental sound can be quite distracting to an individual be it at home or in an office. Such noise can be annoying and a hindrance to productivity. As such there arises the need for soundproofing and there are several options to explore in order to achieve a noise-free environment.

Serenity – Sound proof paint has been coined as a high tech but inexpensive sound control solution available in the market today. Therefore, the question is asked if it really works. Research has shown that it does work though partially. Noise comes in all range of frequencies and such paint is only able to mute the midrange frequencies where regular speech falls. However, high and low frequencies are able to permeate the paint.

From such findings it can be seen that sound proof painting does not make a significant difference since it is only able to mute a third of all the noise. Also, it only comes in light pastel colors due to its high pigment content and it is very heavy, as such it leaves a raised texture on the wall. This may not necessarily be a bad thing since it can hide surface defects and blemishes. The downside is that to achieve better soundproofing results one is required to apply more than one coat which will leave an even heavier texture.

Sound proofing paint can be applied through rolling it on the wall or spray painting it. For a cleaner finish, the rolling option is recommended though one is only able to apply a thin coat thus one is required to apply at least two additional coats. Spraying the paint takes less time but the result is usually messier and caution should be taken not to damage other things in the room.


The results of sound proof painting may not be as expected but it gives an immediate transformation to the room. It is also relatively inexpensive as compared to other soundproof measures such as absorptive insulation in spite of the fact that one requires a number of coats for effective results. It is easy to apply and nontoxic in addition to drying very fast when applied. Also, as mentioned earlier, its heavy texture helps hide surface defects and blemishes.

For better results it is recommended that you combine soundproofing paint with other measure such as fabric wallpaper or carpets. The fabric is quite effective in muffling unwanted sounds and there are plenty of designs from which to choose from.